June 17, 2021


REI Black Friday Deals

REI has once again made a huge announcement… they will not be open on Thanksgiving nor Black Friday. They are giving their employees a chance to get outdoors instead of focusing on selling products.

Why is REI closing on Black Friday?

It is their way to live out the stores mission statement of enjoying the outdoors.  Also, since the company is owned by its members rather than shareholders they do what is in the best interest of its members.  I love that this company is about more than just making money; it’s about enjoying the products that they sell in mother nature.

Will REI have a Black Friday sale?

Yes, they will still be having a sale and deals, but not in the traditional fashion. The company just released their pre- Black Friday ad.  The deals in this ad are valid from November 11 – 21, 2016.  The ad was mailed to all REI members, it is also available for pickup in your local store.

I believe we will see a larger push for sales on cyber Monday and throughout December because they still have to make money during the busiest season of the year. December is also a great time to pickup products from the previous seasons, as they are discounted to make room for new products.

Check out the current REI Black Friday ad for 2016, which includes a coupon for 20% off any full-price item with coupon code WINTER20.

REI Black Friday Ad 2016

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